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Facebook Like Button
The Like button lets a user share your content with friends on Facebook.

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Image Effects

Image Effects

Image Thumbnails
A thumbnail is a small version of a picture that represents the full-size version of the picture. when visitor clicks on an image and it comes up in a large window.

Lightbox Image
When click on an image thumbnail, it displays a larger version of the image on the current page. Places images above your current page, not within. It works on all modern browsers.

Highlight Image
It makes any images appear dull before the mouse moves over it; as the mouse moves over it, the image gradually changes to its original appearance.

Rollover Image
A rollover is an image that, when viewed in a browser, changes when the pointer moves across it.

Conveyor Belt slideshow
The image slideshow scrolls the containing images in a "conveyor belt" fashion. Images can be set to click through to various URLs, and when the mouse moves over the "belt", it pauses for the visitor to interact.

Flash Slideshow
It makes animated photo slideshows. This slideshow loads images with fade in/out transition.